STELLAR​/​DRAMATIC - There's No Survivors Feat​-​Wisdm & Cutz by DJ Joon

from by Stellar/Dramatic

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Bonus Track for all the supporters of Stellar/Dramatic and our drop of the E.P We lucked out to get DJ Joon to lace some deadly cutz on it, hope you enjoy, The album was meant to be instrumental, but I couldn't help spit something on that beat, it was too nasty. Peace from 7th Galaxy aka Wisdm.


Stellar/Dramatic makin magic with sounds beats and static, amplified effects pedal addicts, modulated madness, analog circuit board ready for war, hip hop and rock and roll down to the core, 5 tracks ain't enough sun I know you want more, hypnotized by these soundwaves crashin on shores, once a tree now amped up smashing out chords, eyes closed spliff lit and about to record, let my soul intertwine with this six string sining, I played that? yo you must be kidding, album has me happy like when we was children, no ego's just buildin, flowing like water frozen solid cause the world's so cold, trying to stack tracks before I get to old, can't hold my guitar, can't see close or far, living in my flashbacks of a trip hop star, but that's a far ways away, like my reverb delay, self oscilating space frequencies out to play, the sound shifts harmonics, pitch bend and cronic, I turn supersonic, notes become toxic, malotov concoction, explode in your earload, feedback heroes, negative zero, positive plus, instruments that will one day turn to rust, dust in the wind as time repeats sin, I sit back and hold my pen, knowing that I gotta do it all over again, gettin stronger every day by day, every time I play, every time I pray my mind starts to stray, psychedelic journey and I'm on my way, peace to Tragedy I'll be back one day, if you wanna get a hold of me just press play, I'll be chillin in the 7th Galaxy all blazed, workin on guitar riffs and sounds unplayed.


from Tragedy In The 7th Galaxy, track released February 19, 2012
Music Composed Aranged Produced by Stellar/Dramatic
Vocals by Wisdm
Turntable Wizardry by DJ Joon



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stellardramatic Toronto, Ontario

Stellar/Dramatic comprised of producers Tragedy and 7th Galaxy. A project created with guitars synths drum machines and imagination. A psychedelic trip hop journey into the far reaches of sound.

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